Seeking SHADE descendants or connections

A large shield shaped plaque inscribed “In Loving Memory of Ebeneza and George Shade” was found found on the circular drive at Balmoral Cemetery in 2016 by a BCC worker. This worker took the plaque back to his base at Hemmant Cemetery thinking it would just be a matter of looking up the grave number and then returning it to its original location.

ALAS there is no record of anyone named Shade buried in the cemetery.

The plaque was recently handed to FOBC in the hope that we might be able to find where its final resting place was at Balmoral Cemetery.

FOBC has carried out extensive research and have connected with George and Edeneza’a grand-niece Jenny (her grandfather, William Shade, is their brother).

George and Ebeneza are both buried in Coburg Cemetery in Victoria. They are buried in the same plot and both passed away in 1907 (5 months apart).

Friends of Coburg Cemetery have supplied photos of their grave (it is in a poor state of repair and maybe once have had a plaque but this is unclear from the photo).

So far our research has found no connection with Brisbane or any other area in Queensland.

Their father was Andrew Robert SHED (name changed to SHADE) and mother Mary FINNE or FINN. Ebenezer (Plaque spelling Ebeneza) was born 1861 and George was born Geelong 8 June 1869. Both Andrew and Mary died young leaving 8??? children the eldest of whom was only xx when their father died and xx when their mother died in xxx.

Our next step is to have another look around the area where the plaque was found to see if here are signs on any graves that the plaque once rested here. We will be doing this at our clean up next Saturday 19th June 9am-12midday - all welcome.