Tree audit 29 March 2021 in Section 5 at Balmoral Cemetery

This tree audit is an annual event.

Thanks to FOBC and FACEBOOK members who assisted with the tree audit in Section 5 (near the North gate entrance from Wynnum Road) on Sunday.

The aim was to identify trees that may be in danger of falling caused by termites, excessive rainfall or age and new saplings.

Offending trees included rubber trees, radiata pines, casuarinas, sprouting gums, tuckeroos saplings, lacebark elms & mock orange.

Hazardous tree stumps in pathways were also identified and recorded.

FOBC liaises with Brisbane City Council to have the offending trees and tree stumps assessed for removal or pruning.

Safety in the cemetery is paramount for the visitor but protecting the headstones and graves from damage is also a primary concern.

Some trees are significant specimens, remaining strong, healthy and are beautiful features in the cemetery.


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