Frederick Wecker – Cemetery Trustee

Frederick Wecker was one of the early cemetery Trustees at Balmoral Cemetery. He emigrated to Brisbane from Germany and purchased land near Stones Corner. Lucerne was reputedly grown on his sloping land and the property became known as Wecker's green slopes, giving rise to the suburb name Greenslopes.

Kirkland Avenue in Coorparoo was originally named Wecker Street in Frederick's honour but it was changed in 1914 in the wake of anti-German sentiment. However, Wecker Road at Mansfield, named for Frederick Wecker, reminds us of his pioneer spirit.

Wecker's grave, located at the highest point of the cemetery grounds, is the most imposing monument in Balmoral Cemetery. Sadly, it is in disrepair.


The Friends of Balmoral Cemetery Inc (or FOBC) was established on 28 July 2001, to preserve and enhance Brisbane’s historic Balmoral Cemetery.


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