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William Parry-Okeden – Commissioner of Police

William Edward Parry-Okeden was known as a public servant, a police commissioner, a protector of aborigines and a horseman. Born at Murrunumbla Station, Snowy River in New South Wales, he commenced law but after 3 years, in 1860 he left to join his parents in Queensland. He began his 35-year public service career in 1870 with the Border Police Force, which was established to to halt illicit smuggling on the Queensland-New South Wales border. He was appointed to the position of Immigration Agent dealing with migrants in 1886. In 1889 he was appointed the chief public service post of Colonial Under-Secretary (renamed Principal Under Secretary). In 1895 Parry-Okeden was appointed Commissioner of Police. He was an early resident of Hawthorne.

Acknowledgements: Elizabeth Smith, National Trust of Queensland, Queensland Police Journal.


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